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S.I.H. Technology
Subdermal Induced Heat Technology

Highly-sensitivity thermal imaging camera for an accurate control of the skin temperature



To ensure the patient’s safety, ATTIVA® Endodermal RF® has a built-in Double Temperature Control on the cannula. This combined with an external thermo control camera allows a constant monitoring of the probe inside the tissues and of the superficial skin temperature. ATTIVA® S.I.H. Technology delivers optimal results through a minimally-invasive procedure, for facial lifting, body contouring and skin tightening. The double real time temperature control and the high precision of the thermocouple provide an unequaled safety level during the entire procedure with a complete focus on the treated area. The proprietary software and patented subdermal induced heat technology allows the practitioner precise control of the thermal diffusion from the deep tissues up to the skin’s surface.

The patented ATTIVA capacitive transducers work with tensions up to 10 times lower than any other capacitive transducers on the market, guaranteeing the highest level of safety. 

Technical features

Dimensions :    
39cm x 21cm x 10cm

Weight :    
5.8 Kg

Display :    
Touchscreen 10.4”

Body handpiece combining two functions; monopolar and bipolar.


Body treatment head Patented capacitive monopolar and bipolar transducers in “biomedical ceramic TC13”.


5 mm treatment head
for small areas.



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