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Since 1986

Our history in aesthetic medicine and in the field of plastic surgery goes back to 1986. During this 30-year period, many products have come to the market using laser and ultrasound and other technologies, but most have not produced effective results on the skin. As these years have gone by, we have been working with doctors and engineers to develop a technology that is so minimally invasive as to be able to achieve the desired results but with the highest safety profile and lowest downtime possible. ATTIVA was born after years of research and testing and today has achieved a level of efficacy that has never been seen before. Our team is composed of passionate people coming from many different backgrounds ranging from Medical, to Sales and Marketing. We have partnered with industry leaders in each of their fields to gain the best insight and ideas and put them into our product.
Our belief has always been to bring versatile and safe technology into the world of aesthetic medicine and provide satisfactory solutions to even the most discerning of patients.

Our mission is to provide patients with accurate and precise results while maintaining the highest safety profile.

“ATTIVA, the clinically proven innovative technology that meets patients’ expectations.”

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